Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The GOP is in full meltdown

At this moment, the national Republicans are in such finish Chernobyl meltdown that I don't know where to start examining it.

1. The stance taken by W and the Senate on illicit movement is essentially unpardonable. Force Line tears it separated here. It's a risk to national security just as awful as al Qaida, or have you missed the "Los Angeles, Mexico" boards and the Mexican signals in Los Angeles? A meeting necessity for Mexico before even a fringe wall is assembled (it doesn't mind the movement enacted programmed automatic rifle turrets and Cylon centurions with Gatling weapons that I need)? You're joking me. The House Republicans looked to be salvageable in this respect however ...

2. The, uh, "heating pop" found in the refrigerator of Democrat William Jefferson has them cratering too. The reaction of Dennis Hastert and John Boehner to the FBI pursuit of Jefferson's business locales is very nearly as reprehensible as W's position on illicit migration. "You can't seek us! We're Congress!!!"

Obviously, it was precisely this sort of considering (see, e.g. House Post Office, check kiting, and so forth.) from the Democrats that got the GOP chose to control of Congress in 1994 in the first place.

Recently, ABC reported that Hastert was currently under scrutiny. That charge is currently breaking apart.

Presently W has requested the Jefferson prove incidentally fixed. Skipper Ed supposes its a decent thought. Wizbang does not. I have a tendency to concur with Wizbang. The meltdown begins to happen to China Syndrome extents with these most recent activities.

Be that as it may this example of occasions is bizarre to the point that I'm beginning to turn into an intrigue scholar. My first thought when the Hastert story softened was that somebody up the organization released this illumination to ABC as a shot over Hastert's and the House's bow. Hastert had been a huge faultfinder of W's displaced person pardon arrange that is sinking the organization like the Yamato off Okinawa. I thought about whether the organization was beginning to make dangers to prevent the vitriol originating from the House GOP against the pardon plan. Presently W seals the records seized from Jefferson. Could the ABC story, for example, it was, been the stick and the seal of the records been the carrot? Could that clarify Hastert's and Boehner's generally unforgivable reaction to the Jefferson seizure, that this was really a risk from W?

I have a tendency to not accept this insane hypothesis. At the same time I wouldn't have accepted the GOP would have occupied with any of the conduct we have affirmed, on unlawful migration and open debasement, either. Also, there is point of reference. Both Nixon and Clinton were known for abusing government organizations to target political foes.

Not that this at all makes them Dems any more electable. Their positions on national security and wrongdoing are despicable and basically self-destructive for each American. In any case this conduct by the GOP is beginning to achieve Bill Clinton profundities.